Application Instructions

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Recipient must be a resident of Utah. Recipient must attend an institution of higher learning in Utah.
  2. Recipient must provide a one-page statement of vocational or professional goals.
  3. Recipient must be a full-time student (enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours). If recipient does not maintain at least a three-quarter load (9 credit hours), he/she will not be eligible to receive any additional financial aid for the remaining academic year.
  4. Recipient must maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA or "C+" average grade for each semester.
  5. Recipient must send a copy of their most recent transcripts and evidence of enrollment at their current institution to the Foundation before scholarship is awarded.
  6. Recipient must reapply for financial aid annually.
  7. Financial need is based on student's financial need assessment as determined by the institution as noted in the institution's financial award letter. Please provide a copy with this application.
  8. Two letters of recommendation must be provided; one of these letters must be from a person familiar with your academic performance.
  9. The deadline for completing this application for this academic year is August 15, 2013.

An application can be downloaded and sent to the Foundation Alberta Henry Education Foundation, P.O. Box 1814
Salt Lake City, UT 84110. Your application must be complete to be considered for a scholarship. The decision to fund a scholarship is based on the information you provide.